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Hello, welcome to the page of

German Amateur Radio Station


Harald Ossenbrink - Warendorf - Germany

Current info on 10 m beacon transmissions:

Due to severe abuse of 10 m amateur radio band by russian taxi stations I decided to activate a beacon on disturbed frequencies. It will transmit on random basis mainly between 28.055 and 28.305 Mhz, depending on traffic and my time. The beacon is only on the air during my presence at home, so it is no unmanned station. Reports are welcome but feel free to contribute in defending our bands by creating activity. Output is 100 w into a 5/8 GPA on the roof of my house. TX is a FT-857 using its beacon mode – no heat problems so far. For comments or reports please contact me: dh6yho (at) gmx.de

Oct. 20, 2011

One of my major hobbies is amateur radio. I'm holder of class-1-licence since 1998. Before I was active on VHF only as DG6YDO from 1985.
My favourite bands are 40 m & 10 m. 6 m is also very interesting but unfortunately restricted in Germany. When visiting a country with more liberal regulations this is then my most favourite band. I was very active on 6 m from Northern Poland in the summers of 1999 - 2001 using the polish callsign SO0YHO.

Due to lack of time in the past few years my activities on the bands today are very low. Therefore I spend more time for mobile radio, sometimes even on shortwave. Travelling to my company takes time which I fill with "radio acivity" mainly on local repeaters.

I'm working as a measuring technician and this job sometimes brings me throughout the world. Depending on local conditions occasionally there is a chance to activate the shortwave bands. My personal highlight was in March 2000 from the Kruger National Park in South Africa as ZS/DH6YHO.

Besides amateur radio I also like photography when visiting different countries. Not professionally but just saving my impressions onto the chip - my colleagues call me the Japanese ...

If you are more interested in my excursions please have a look on this page (some pages still in progress).

My town has about 36000 inhabitants including 3 neighbouring villages which also belong to Warendorf. I live in one of them together with 7000 other people - somewhere else it would be a town!

Cycling is very popular in this area since the landscape is mainly flat and there are many well-made farmer's roads apart from normal roads. If only I have some time I ride my bike for an hour or more!

I hope you will enjoy visiting my homepage. If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to write in my guest book (still part of my old website).