Among the northern african countries Morocco belongs to the wealthy countries and its northern part is surprisingly green!
First of all you will notice the excellent condition of the roads only the style of driving is more or less non-european...! In general the country looks clean compared to other mediterranian countries. On the other hand it seems that more women are covered than in Turkey.

End of 2006 I was in the far north, near Tanger at the Strait of Gibraltar.
The climate is very mild and influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the narrow sea the wind accelerates and makes it to a very windy place.
Tanger is a trade city, just opposite to Spain. There are frequent ferry links not only to 20 km far away Europe but also to France and Italy.

Tanger - Hafen

This could be Southern France..

Tanger - Strandpromenade

The old town is next to the harbour (where else...?!). You can buy nearly everything, especially copied luxuary articles.

Tanger - Medina

Tanger - Medina

Of course there are things for daily use, too.

Tanger - Medina

At first I thought to meet Indios, but there were too many...!
Men often wear a long coat, like Mr. Death.

marokkanisches Paar

From Tanger you have a good view on the Strait of Gibraltar.
Far on the right side the Gibraltar Rock.

Strasse von Gibraltar

As far as you can see - endless sandy beaches, frequently visited during summer but not overcrowded.


Just opposite to Gibraltar is Ceuta - a spanish enclave.
Together with Melilla, a further spanish enclave the EU reaches african ground.

Ceuta - Bienvenidos!

Not just a border - the edge of the EU..

Ceuta - Grenze

Ceuta is like any other spanish town - but fuel is so cheap that moroccans come for a good buy.

Ceuta - Zentrum